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Monday, February 16, 2009

Children of the Night

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." - Ernest Hemingway

Well we had a meeting of the minds a few nights ago. True, perhaps spongey and blurred minds at that time. Always looking for ways to make life simpler, while spreading our names across the land, we often meet for long Gin soaked (not literally "Gin", just a figure of speech) discussions on such. Well, and how to make money at the same time! There might be reading of some prose involved as well. Maybe some jamming. This night was no different. Rudolfo Serna, writer, was crying "Anarchy!" at some point. World Champion Bagpiper Nate Lorenz, AKA "Nitro Nate", cigar in hand and near the end of the Whisky Trail joined right in.

Rudolfo is about to publish his first novel. He is a loose member of a loose cooperative known by several names, a few of which escape me now. "Children of Satan"... I remember that one for sure. "Traumatized Root"? Damn. Something with the word "root" in it. I do know they even bought a domain name this week. Well, anyway, from the northern communities of New Mexico they are the only tough, hard drinking, fistacuffing men I know around here that are poets and painters and artists of various mediums. A few weeks ago they had a show in Espanola, NM. Next thing you know I am helping them plan some shows in the big city, there is a name & a website! I was inspired. This all came about after such a discussion last weekend I believe.
My main issue is that I post blogs in two or more places. Having had another strange experience over on my local blog that night I swore I would find a new space. I have a "local" blog which they A. only permit to relate specifically to Albuquerque on that site. Then I also have my "international" blog on MySpace for everything outside of New Mexico basically. What about the in between? And the local blog, popular as it is, is a pain to format everything to their exact specs. That is just one reason that even a popular writer may not end up on the front page. And there goes hours and hours of work... with no one to read it. Sad. I have been accused of feeling "persecuted" but I understand their "tough love" stance and know it's not personal. Ahem.

Days later my buddy Nitro Nate inadvertently brought to my attention the fact that I had an existing account here at blogger.com ! Woohoo! You can change the name or address at any time. You can post a blog from your cell phone for God's sake. You can post a blog from an email. It auto saves regularly. No popup to agree to before adding a hyperlink. No resizing of pictures. No rules other than avoiding nudity. Aside from that-I think I've found my new home.

I have just spent countless hours for the last two days building, tweaking, and testing this space. Let me know what you think. Easy to use? Easy to comment without signing in? Easy to subscribe? Like the little checkboxes? Thanks fellas for the continued brainstorming. Now if Rudy and I could just finish writing our books we can hire Nate as our financial advisor/accountant! Meantime... need a bagpiper or 9? Visit Nate and his other gang at the Mac-Tire of Skye Pipes and Drums site. Rudy hates technology but teaches creative writing at UNM. You can visit the rest of Rudy's Espanola gang soon at their new web space or the show I am trying to organize. Stay Tuned.

Subscribe to this new space because you have nothing to lose. I wish I had the time and energy to write every day but I don't. But I will likely write more frequently now without the aggravation of requirements and guidelines and keeping it about here or there! Thank you all for your continued support. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Monday night report:

The banging of the neighbors' doors, economy is still heading for a calamity, the mega volcano stirs beneath a lake at Yellowstone. Neighbors make ugly faces before locking their doors. It's a gloomy evening as the moon is lost somewhere among streetlights.

billy burlo said...

Hey Mikey, I'm looking forward to following your literary progress via your new blog site, and I'm proud to be your second minion.