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Thursday, February 18, 2010

As Spring Approaches

Happy Chinese New Year! Lunar New Year! Year of the Tiger! Rrrrrroar! Remember Tygers of Pan Tang? Never mind. They were grrreat! (Couldn't resist) Resolutions? Cut down on cheesy jokes. And funny cheese. Speaking of cheese... Where to, and where not to, get a Blue or Goat Cheese stuffed olive with your martini in Albuquerque, NM. Where?? Nob Hill Bar and Grill.Blue. Zinc/Savoy/Season. Goat. Where not to? Artichoke Cafe. From what I think I heard right next to us- it really put them out. It is also a gourmet restaurant right? Bartender having a bad day? Poor waiter was the messenger. I received one olive with the glossy version of "and don't ask again". Mid week. Half empty bar. See you in another however many years.


I would like to thank Conceit Magazine for my layout in the February 2010 edition.
Vol.3, #35 features a poem by moi called "Badges".That gem is accompanied by a self portrait I shot at Denver's Brown Palace on Halloween. Get yours now!

Picture? From my "Muerte Me" series...

Poem? Here! Remember your favorite worn leather jacket with the stuff all over it in the 80's?


I wear my badges boldly
A sign to the world

A sign of life
A sign of love
A sign of the rising electricity
That will be my end

I flatly state that I’m taking care of business
And I’ll tear you down where you stand

I scream & Cry
That my heart is
No gray

They know that I’ve traveled from the desert
My high mesas know
They hold my peace for ransom

And I shout that no wallflower wear this jacket!
Not without mysterious transformation

My stone walls have windows that hide in the blackness
Sing through them of yesterdays & tomorrows
Of the cold & the night
Of the symbols I bare

-Michael P. D’Arco

Conceit Magazine can be found on Facebook amongst other places.

I am planning a St. Patty's Day extravaganza at this time. Mac-Tire of Skye Pipes and Drums will be performing. Possibly a great Irish Balladeer by the name of Gerry Muisener. I am also counting on the Irish Freedom Committee to have a table and a non English beer. And the Irish American Society may not know it yet, because I've been busy, but. Details to come very very soon.

Check out some other artistic friends of mine at their new website MutantRoot.com.
And be sure to read Rudolfo Serna's latest story on their blog. You may have caught some excerpts on Facebook.
Who is the driver based on? Let's just say this writing began after driving through a place where I recounted doing a 360 one rainy night in my 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mk IV roadster back when I had long hair.

I have a short film in the works. All I will disclose at this time is it involves the end times, aliens, rock music, and dildos. What?! You heard me. I may require non union help. I may require mental help.

Well, as spring approaches I am feeling no allergy pain thanks to modern medicine. This Land of Manana, er I mean "Enchantment", tends to tease us between snow storms. My car said it was 60 at 5:00 today. I resisted the urge to don shorts on some sunny patio. And alas, here I sit in Cyber Land like a nerd. You can lead a jack ass to water...

And with that weather report I would like to say something. If ever you feel like my blogs are sounding like one of those Xeroxed Christmas letters from your friends that are scared of technology so you hear from them once a year, breathe, please. Please send me a letter on Xeroxed colored paper informing me of such. And don't forget to include all the illnesses you have been dealing with and family problems and all the friends you have visited. And if you do read these and you do enjoy them just let me know that by way of email or a comment on the internets machine. Thanks.

Well, until next time... Cheers!

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