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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alibi Photo Contest - Please Vote

Here is the most crossed out, re-edited, pictures missing blog I have ever left up. Wait, it's the only one! You figure out the updates.

Please VOTE "thumbs up" for all 3 of my pics on http://shutterbug.alibi.com/ .

I really hate contests and awards.
But what the hell.
Since I've shot the cover twice and they still let me enter I thought I would do it.
I've never entered before and there are some really good shots from others.

These are not necessarily my picks. But my friends seem to like them for this particular competition.
The rules of this contest are quite vague. I personally chose to use pictures shot in Albuquerque as it is a local magazine.
So gimme a hand and show some love.
Well it turns out that the winners are selected by the Alibi staff!
The voting by the public is "just for fun".
So this shameless self promotion blog is pointless.
But anyway...

Drumroll please...
My 3 entries in the Alibi 7th Annual Photo Contest;

Twinkle Light Parade Choppers, Up from Downtown, Pledge of the Nitro Piper.

Category: ¡Que Albuquerque!—Anything that profiles or captures the spirit of Burque.

Category: This Modern Life—Architecture, street scenes, the weird and wonderful world of the manmade.

Category: People Are People—Human-focused photos.

These are THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES! So please vote with the "thumbs up" on all 3.

I suspect some hater has purposely clicked the thumbs down on all of them today.
Because it appears to give you 1 point rather than 2 when you do that. So even if they really don't like them they helped me by clicking thumbs down anyway. But stuff like that just reminds me why I don't enjoy contests by vote rather than judging. There's one douche bag in every crowd.
Please VOTE for my pics on http://shutterbug.alibi.com/ now. Thanks!

-Martini Mike


Janice said...

Hey Mike! I am viewing your blog from your link on LinkedIn. It's really wonderful! I love the things you use to draw things together. I am still trying to gather steam and followers for my writing. Do you also use social networking like Twitter to promote your site? I saw you use Facebook, very good tool!

David said...

Hi Mike, I'm also visiting via your linked-in post but I'm not getting any of the three pics you posted from Albequerque - is the problem at my end or yours?

"Martini Mike" said...

Go to my older posts! This is purposely the way it is and nowhere near the style of my regular blogs. The pics are missing because when I edited them on the contest system it removed the view. Really- I swear I can write & do HTML. LOL