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Friday, August 13, 2010


I am officially a twit. I will taste the tweet, twitter, twitting. As far as I can tell it is worse than Facebook but simply text? So anytime I have a thought that I feel needs to be shared with the world I can just text it to my Twitter and Voila! Right? I feel very old and uncool suddenly. And these can even post to your Facebook and MySpace?! Wait, what's MySpace? Kidding. I still log in there once in a while to make fun of the people even less cool than me. Will I go Twit crazy like Ashton Kutcher? Only time will tell. But if I am too busy to write a blog with any regularity anymore... will I be too busy to twit? And there is no literary art to a text! Or a "twit" I mean. Oh the technology! Why? Well... see you at @THEMartiniMike!

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