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Monday, September 6, 2010

Random poetry

Well here's a treat for you... ?
I rarely post poetry outside of a paper publication.
Why? Magazines are usually funny about anything being previously published even on the internet.
Well do I look like someone that always follows the rules?
And seeing as I am diving into my heart ART (wow, was that a Freudian slip or what?!)to keep from going mad without a muse... here I am and here it is.
So without further ado...
Some random poems from one of my unpublished books entitled "Goodbye Glitter Dome- Reflections from the City of Lost Angels" (1988-1992).


"A toast!", I said
Everything's a poem you see...
"To jamming, and toasts!"
We chuckled
And drank
And jammed
And toasted some more
And wrote
And vanished...

-Michael P. D'Arco


Her lonely, drenched eyes
Silently standing
In the face of the bar's edge
A familiar relief
Fell with her hair
And the exceeding repose
Of the final call
In our ears.

-Michael P. D'Arco

2 Cats

Four in the morning
Wild, black cats
Under my window
Screaming and whining

2 fat cats
Fighting again
Saturday night
Running in circles

Glowing, under a spell
of the October moon
Illuminating madness
They are my old friends

Hissing from my window
I interrupt
Spying through the curtains
Between my own clawing

-Michael P. D'Arco


I wonder if
One stranger
Will say to another stranger
"That's very D'Arco-esque"
"That's very D'Arco-istic"

At scribblings
On a ratty scrap of paper
At a photograph
Bent and torn...

-Michael P. D'Arco

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